Sometimes, the interior alone doesn´t count

The exterior is only packaging, but it can sometimes beautify and enhance the value of the content. That’s how we feel about our plant and gift baskets. In fact, we think of the basket as the perfect link between content and packaging.

The Christmas season is approaching, the time for gift wrapping. In this regard, our baskets come into their own as a practical, pretty and aesthetic solution - as the icing on the cake of your gift wrappings and plants.


Icing on the cake of your gift wrappings and plants


  • Beautiful baskets with room for more...

    October is all about baskets, since we focus on our vast selection of baskets for plants, decorations and gifts. We now sell selected items at extremely low prices - to the delight of our customers - who typically experience increased demands for gift baskets etc.


    Be inspired here on the website and find more beautiful and low-priced baskets in the webshop - which is also full of offers for decoration and interior items.


    Have you thought about cellophane, ribbon and excelsior for your baskets? Find it all in the webshop.




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but our showroom in Denmark is always open to visitors. If you would like to know more, please have a chat with our vendors