When the lights are turned on - indoors and outdoors

The clocks are set back - for a short while this gives us brighter mornings - but the winter darkness swallows the daylight without mercy, so for the next many days we will have to accept the briefness of the daylight. We in the North are accustomed to that and we compensate with the frequent use of cosy lighting - indoors as well as outdoors. Lanterns can be used all the year round, but especially in winter the beautiful, decorative lanterns are a product in strong demand.


Winter and Christmas call for traditions of cosiness and warmth - and the lantern helps to bring life to the many traditions, each of which creates peace and warmth in the family.


Beautiful and Decorative Lanterns


  • A cozy mood with a light in the dark

    The month of December is the time of the lantern - as this is the time we shed light on our beautiful selection of lanterns for indoors and outdoors use. We have dropped the prices below freezing point and several models are just now sold at exceptionally favourable prices.

    Be inspired for that cozy winter mood on this site with the beautiful and low-priced lanterns in the webshop. Also, remember the many other decoration and interior items we sell at low prices in the shop.

    The offers are open until 04/01 2019




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