Natural late summer

The feeling of being on the savanna – and the experience of a Mediterranean atmosphere on the Danish beaches. A completely crazy historical summer is now entering its final stage – at least according to the calendar.


It has been a summer where we definitely experienced nature from its hottest side. We never tire of looking at nature and the stunning shades created in this space.


Even the parched lawn manages to showcase a natural beauty.







Natural late summer


  • Natural colours and materials

    Natural colours and materials never seem to go out of fashion. The late summer colours invite for a celebration of exactly these natural materials that automatically create peace around themselves. The natural colours melt into any home.


    We have selected a number of brand new items, all in natural materials and colours, which we are right now selling at sharp prices up to and including 30 September.


    Please also take a look at the many other products on this page and find inspiration for the late summer sales.


    Offers are valid up to and including 30 September 2018




Events 2018

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but our showroom in Denmark is always open to visitors. If you would like to know more, please have a chat with our vendors


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