Are you ready for spring?

It is yet too early to put away the warm coats – but like every other year, we become more and more drawn to the outdoors as the sun regains its power – and the mild winds start to take over.

We want to go out, out to see the plants sprout - we want to go out and create life around us. Therefore, we are right now focusing on outdoor life.






  • We create life

    At I.C. Lauvring, we have the assortment ready for the spring sales. From our outdoor catalogue, we have picked a selection that we are selling right now at sharp prices for the upcoming season.


    This concerns everything from pots and products for planting to outdoor decoration products and interiors – all products that inspire and invite you to an exciting spring sale. Take a look at the selected range here – and do also let yourself be inspired by the other outdoor selection in the shop.


    The offers are valid up to and including 15 May 2019.




Events 2019

We haven't got any ongoing events at this time,

but our showroom in Denmark is always open to visitors. If you would like to know more, please have a chat with our vendors


There are no current news,

but you are welcome to visit our online shop, to which we continuously add exciting new pieces. Be inspired by our catalogue, which you can browse here