Are you ready for spring?

The forecasts still predict more cold and frosty weather but, as always, change may come at any minute – the evenings are getting lighter, the first sprouts will shoot up from the sad, cold mulch, and we will be reminded once again that spring is on the way.

As soon as this happens, we will want to get out – out of our winter slumber, outside to watch as new life springs forth and to create new life around us! That is why we are now focusing on beautiful spring products which, will help us get our green fingers moving again.




Beautiful spring products


  • Time to get growing!

    Here at I.C. Lauvring, we have brought out a fine selection of gorgeous pots, planters and other decorative products for the spring, which we are selling right now at great prices in our webshop.


    And remember that the rest of our shop is also abound with great products for excited spring enthusiasts as well!





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