Summer in blue shades

After the spring which in the north ended with almost tropical temperatures – it is difficult not to have high expectations for the summer – and up till now, weather seems to behave.


At the same time, the good weather means that we stay outdoors all the time. We celebrate the hours of light in decorative art and interior as well, using the bluish grey shades, which are trending now.


Our thoughts automatically take us to the house by the sea, the summer sky – and focus on what is happening right now.







Summer in blue shades


  • Calm and immersive colours

    We take to the sea – to the summer house and out into the blue. At I.C. Lauvring we aim our focus at the colours of summer, which are moving in bluish grey shades.


    We have selected a number of decorative art and interior products, which we are currently selling at hot prices up to and including 15 August.


    Experience the great many products on this page and be inspired – and remember also to visit the rest of the web shop, which right now abounds with fine and inspiring articles.


    Offers are valid up to and including 15 August 2018




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